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Spécialiste Porsche depuis 1997

Founded by Jean-Marc Forestier, RS Workshop is not only the result of more than 20 years of experience in the domain of automobile development and 10 years of experience in automobile sport, but especially the byproduct of a life’s passion.

Excellence is the watchword of the automobile development company; RS Workshop.

Competitive at the national level, we engage ourselves to furnish the best quality services with the help of cutting edge technology tools. This allows us to constantly evolves the motors, frames, gearbox as well as alleviating the structure’s weight and improving the security.

In permanent development on new technologies and in close collaboration with our clients, we give our best to reach maximum performances. Indeed, thanks to excellent results, RS Workshop opens soon a new infrastructure.

We welcome you in our Porsche specialized workshop, from 356 to 911 / 964 / 993.

From 1963 to 1998, without forgetting RS / GT3 / GT2 / 944 Turbo and 928.

Nevertheless, all brands are welcomed.

Our recommandations

Technical advices

Intermediate Shaft Bearing IMS troubles

Problems about Intermediate Shaft Bearing IMS in engines since 1998 could damage badly your motor. We offer solutions before troubles.
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Technical advices

Ignition coils. 996 997 Boxster Cayman

Original Beru coils. They are poorly made so they cannot produce a nice spark and they hardly last up to 10'000 km. They produce OBD error codes. We offer solutions for these problems.
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Technical advices

Porsche 996 997 Boxster Cayman engine

In the 90's Porsche had to switch from air cooled engines to water cooled ones to pass the new EURO 3 norms.The "new generation" engine (water cooled) arrives in 1996 with the Porsche Boxster, followed by the 996, the Cayman, the 997 and the 991.Porsche only had the experience of the water cooled 924 ; 944 ; 968 and 928.
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RS Workshop Racing Engine Improvement Technology
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