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Spécialiste Porsche depuis 1997

Your Porsche, specially prepared for you for an everyday ride, week-end out, a lap on the “club” Circuit, a Slalom or a sightseeing mountain tour…

Is your Porsche giving you full satisfaction or does it seem like it is reaching its limits when it comes to braking, accelerating or the driving behavior? We offer the possibility to adapt your Porsche to your leisure with several modification possibilities (stage 1 to 4)

  1. Brakes

    Brakes are an essential element. With the time and the weather, discs freeze, or worst, they may “crack” and the brake pad, overheating, may burn.

    If you seek to keep a good reactivity, we recommend the assembly of racing pierced discs rotors and blue racing brake pads. The result will give you more intense braking, on either cold or hot conditions.

  2. Suspension

    It is what maintains your Porsche on the road, in every situation: Irregular asphalt, braking, mass transfer, adherence when turning, stability…

    When your Porsche is several years old or counts more than 90’000 kilometers or 60’000 miles, a quality control of the shock absorber, rubber, pitchbar, silent bloc (flexible busch), cross member, ball and socket joint, rolling bearings, etc, may be needed.

    For your Porsche, several types of flexible gaz shock absorber exist. Sports version of shock absorber are tougher than the original ones. The “Cup” versions are even tougher. We can adjust the flexibility according to your wishes, on uniball assembly. After that, an adjustable one with an external cartridge would be fitted.

  3. Engine

    The evolution of the Porsche Engine can give you great results while keeping a very good reliability.

    The carburetor change (carburet), camshaft, engine capacity, connecting rod, intake, exhaust, tougher valve spring, flow meter of air and remapping can allow you to obtain better performances.

    For the remapping of your ECU, we advise you to do it on the test bench, which would allow us to see the evolution of the torque and horsepower output of the vehicle. The development, the settings of every curves of the mapping with richness, a good ignition, and a good pression of your Turbo will give you the very best of your engine.

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Intermediate Shaft Bearing IMS troubles

Problems about Intermediate Shaft Bearing IMS in engines since 1998 could damage badly your motor. We offer solutions before troubles.
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Ignition coils. 996 997 Boxster Cayman

Original Beru coils. They are poorly made so they cannot produce a nice spark and they hardly last up to 10'000 km. They produce OBD error codes. We offer solutions for these problems.
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Porsche 996 997 Boxster Cayman engine

In the 90's Porsche had to switch from air cooled engines to water cooled ones to pass the new EURO 3 norms.The "new generation" engine (water cooled) arrives in 1996 with the Porsche Boxster, followed by the 996, the Cayman, the 997 and the 991.Porsche only had the experience of the water cooled 924 ; 944 ; 968 and 928.
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