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Our recommandations

Ignition coils. 996 997 Boxster Cayman

Published on 05/21/2018

Original Beru coils. They are poorly made so they cannot produce a nice spark and they hardly last up to 10'000 km. They produce OBD error codes. We offer solutions for these problems.

Cylinder No 3 failure etc.

We have measured the difference ignition bench.

The original "Beru" coil for a 2006 Cayman S gave out 27'000 Volts and our plasma boosted coil gave out 118'000 Volts; the difference is huge.

Idling is not stable and with one of these coils, the engine will totally change. It is going to be more stable when idling with the engine cold or hot and a better acceleration that will give your car a change in character.

We offer solutions for these problems:

  • Simple ceramic IMS
  • Double reinforced IMS
  • Oil pump lubricated, roll bearing IMS
  • Performance engine oil Mobile 1 Formula 5W50
  • A40 Porsche antifreeze
  • Filling apparatus
  • Boosted ignition coil
  • Lightweight flywheel Sport clutch without bi mass for a sharper acceleration and better revving.
  • Pagid RS brake pads for improved everyday breaking, at the track, on twisty roads etc
  • gIPD plenum with BMC filter and stage 1 cartography

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